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LOVE! THAT 4-LETTER WORD is a new musical comedy by Deborah A. Vines
that tells the story of a husband and wife team of therapists who, while caring for
a menagerie of lovelorn individuals, can’t seem to heed their own advice. As the therapists struggle to keep their own relationship together (as well as everyone else’s!),
LOVE! THAT 4-LETTER WORD shows us the many faces of “amore"
and the challenges of being in (and OUT OF) love!

Reviews from audience members!

  “You have a wonderful story to tell and have created a musical that deserves to be seen by the masses. I found myself getting emotional during the performance.”
~New York Theater Professional

  “This is pure enjoyment! It’s much better than [Broadway show that’s been running for years].”
~New York Attorney

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